About web hosting secretly disclosed (WHSR)

Our mission

To educate and guide the users to choose the right web host, build a functioning website and increase their presence and business online

How did the WHSR get started?

Founded in May 2008, the original WebHostingSecretRevealed.com site was first launched in pure blog format by solo web marketers Jerry Low, to share their personal experience with some host companies.

Jerry used to be a poorly informed webmaster. He had wasted hundreds of dollars on several nasty web hosts. and spent even more nights sleepless to regret their mistake. He understands how disruptive it is when you are stuck with a bad web host and wish you do not have to go through the same thing. Therefore, this page is born.

WHSR today

WHSR grew into something much bigger than Jerry was expecting in 2008. The one-man operation has grown into a small team of developers and writers from six different countries. The website now covers more than 100 value marks – in the form of reviews and interviews. and has become one of the most popular sources of information for hosting customers.

The WHSR website, now available on WebHostingSecreRevealed.net, consists of three different sections:

  • “Finding a Host” focuses on serving customers looking for reliable host reviews and best web hosting guide ;
  • “Tools” offers free and easy-to-use tools for gathering information about Web hosting ; And
  • “Guide” offers good guidance in various aspects, including web hosting , web development , VPN and blogging .

As seen in

Our brand and work is presented in globally recognized press offerings and websites, including Yahoo! Finance , Reuters , Problogger , Business.com , Hosting Advice , Cash Flow and Business 2 Community .

Web hosting Secret Revealed (run by WebRevenue Inc.) is the proud sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation , Wordcamp KL 2017 and Wordcamp KL 2018 .

Also – check out recently launched our sister sites BuildThis.io .


WHSR is run by a team of web developers and writers. The founder Jerry Low is based in Ipoh, Malaysia. The rest of the team works remotely from anywhere in the world. Our team is small, but we are very focused on producing the best content and tools for our users. One of the most important founders in the heart of everything we do is transparency because we believe that this ultimately helps our readers to really make the best decisions to buy.

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