What is a Domain other than the Host? Differences between hosting and domains. The word “hoster”

Every day, hundreds of pages are tested on the Internet, and we sometimes do not think how the World Wide Web works. The virtual world consists of millions of sites. Any resource on the Internet has a domain name with its own – domain, as well as files on any physical server. Servers hosting the files on the server are called the host service. Therefore, only hosting and domains can be placed on the internet. Domain name-denied is just a space not allocated on the server, the host domain is only a combination of letters and will create a mistake when it is opened. How to Choose a Hosting and Domains and Correct Service Providers?


Hosting   (English web browser) – your site hosting service provider. Many people call this service instead, but they provide it with a service provider. Without it, a site can not run, and one of the domain name registration points defines an NS host service provider.

Domain   – the address of a site consisting of letters and numbers. Domain names can not be less than two, not less than 63 characters. Each site address belongs to the domain region, which is separated from the site of the Russian Federation and dot..ru.

However, if the domain is registered with a trusted registrar, it is easy to host a hosting service by connecting the computer to a global network. Based on the definition of two terminology, we can make the following conclusions: The difference between hosting and domain is the hosting service, the domain is the site name. However, there are no two terms (domain and hosting) available on the web (website).


Hosting services are divided into several categories:

  • Shared host or virtual host is the most common version of the service. Users pay a specific tariff plan and part of the resource on the server receives the amount of memory on the hard disk and various options. In many cases, host service providers can limit parking, email, subdomains, ftp-accounts, and more. If we make a similar picture of the apartment, we will be in a popular place with common corridors and channels.
  • VPS location is a virtual server that does not exist anymore than anyone else’s website. In fact, it is a luxury apartment house. The user can do what he wants: reinstall the system, increase resources in the request, plug in the plugin, etc.
  • A dedicated server (Dedic) is an independent physical server that can only be accessed by you. Like the real estate, this company is a company’s construction and private sector camp. You can choose your country of residence. Welcome to the quality – Welcome to Germany! Tired of Complaints – Dutch are waiting for you!
  • Colocation is one of the most popular forms of hosting services. In essence, this assumes the following: the server owner independently creates the configuration and pays only the server to connect to the world network. Therefore, your website is working on your hardware and only payments are made. Generally, this is a unique version of building your own fortress at a desired location.

Of course, you can connect to the internet using a broadband internet connection, but there are many reasons why you should not.

For domain names, they can be registered for free or in any form, as with the hosting service. Generally, third-level domains are distributed through free site designers. It offers free services to place your website on the internet.

What is the difference between hosting and domains? To better answer this question, imagine what the site is like omelette, eggs, salt, milk, hosting, site files, and domain names. Do not have any site on the Internet if you do not have hosting and domains. However, this link is a site file hosted on the host. This is the address of the user who will write the domain name in their address bar.

The domain name “and” site “is almost identical to the user side. This is the way in which users can see only the tops of the iceberg because it directs the address in the user’s browser. In fact, the difference between the domain and the site is very, in fact, comparable This article will try to explain the first one. Imagine what the difference is and how virtual hosting works.

Domain   – Symbol name. Until recently, only Latin letters can be used. I do not care about details of national domains, this picture will not change much. Therefore, the domain name only. Before you begin to mislead, ” domain name ” means another meaning, but not all of the site. When I talk about domains I mean the name of the symbol.

Webpage   – it’s content. Simply put, the files and directories are informative. All this is available on any computer connected to the network. It can also be stored on a flash drive in the web designer’s pocket. So the site is a folder and a file with common sense organization.

Thus, the domain is related to some of the site’s references. This connection is explained in the configuration of the web server, for example, Apache. The browser also has a DNS server network that knows which computers on the network are asking for domain information. These server databases contain domain name communications and target computer IP addresses.

Replace the domain name with an IP address

To understand how this works, tell a few things about DNS. Historical Essays I pay little attention. Nowadays (simplified): comparatively small computers around the world (DNS server nameserver servers) are stored around the world of the domain names and associated IP addresses. This network is built into a tree: the top-level domain namespace is – top 13 top-level servers, such as .ru .com .org .biz. There are multiple servers with the second-tier domain list below. Big hosting companies offer a host to store a second-level domain name. Name servers (ns servers) must be specified at the site upload – this is the case. The third and higher levels of domains are stored on the same servers as the second layer.

Technically, the DNS name (domain) is associated with ip-address. It’s a lot of relationships, but more than anything else. Drivers can download information using ip-address through TCP / IP. It starts the magic with the name of the DNS;) requests the ip-address request to the service provider’s DNS server. If the server does not know the specified ip-address, the request will be sent via the tree. If someone does not return the ip-address, the request comes to the senior server area. The first level of the specified domain is not within its authority, it transfers the request to the server responsible for this area. Then ip-nick is found or the address is not registered.

For example: http: \\\\ sub.somesite.ru \\ articles \\ text.htm
  I get a simple way, without the router and mod_rewrite tricks. Here is the ” sub.somesite.ru ” – this is the domain name of the site. This domain matches the contents of the server located on the host (web site). This directory contains ” articles ” and ” text.htm “.

The browser is sending a request: ” Submit the data to ” http: \\\\ sub.somesite.ru \\ articles \\ text.htm “For requests to go to the DNS server, know who knows the ip-address of the specified domain, return to the browser then the drive guides the machine to ip-address. “The sub.somesite.ru \\ article \\ text.htm ” has a web server. It has a web server that specifies which directory you want to connect to, and here is exactly this data and will send a text.htm file to the network.

It should be noted that the DNS server can cache the ip-address requests to speed up the response. Recursive calling servers . In other words, the faster way to speed up the accuracy of your name is to subscribe to the IP address and domain of your domain’s HOSTS contacts. This could be the case for WinXP

Sharing host via Apache web server

Principle: single IP address may have multiple names and can work on multiple websites on one computer. This is called virtual hosting. The reverse is true – it can be noted that multiple IP addresses may be named by one. It allows load balancing.

Thus the domain name manages the server to IP-address. There is a directory with content that is connected to a web server to the domain. With virtual hosted Apache web servers, multiple links can be linked to one IP-nick site. In the local car, I can assign one address to another level domain. You can also link one ip to any symbollic. You need to follow the limitations of a global network “you can not create a first-level domain”. Let me give you some examples.

# 1: Domains and subdomains are related to the same site.

If the browser is ” http: // site ” or, for example, ” http: //blog.site ” then Apache will return from the index page

# 2: Domain and subdomains are related to different libraries and are directed to different sites.   ServerName sub.site DocumentRoot / home / www / userYYY / anothersite

We go to ” http: // site ” at the guide . Go to ” http: //sub.site ” from one site to another.

# 3: Somesite.ru is a domain name domain with Somesite.ru, and is also the domain of one site on one site.   ServerName somesite.ru ServerAlias ‚Äč‚Äčothername.com * .somesite.com DocumentRoot / home / www / dir1 / some

Visit our ” http://somesite.ru ” or ” http://othername.com ” guide on our site.

A few words about cute designers

My vacation Infobox.ru. Because I’m going to give him an example. I’ve been referring to subspecies. Option ServerAlias   You have the same directory that allows you to contact multiple domain names . How to link multiple domains with one site “www.”, How to get multiple domains on one site (for example, zone.ru and.com). This is a feature set from the site’s configuration to Infobox.ru, which is ” Hosting an unlimited number of domains ” Generally, this is a nuisance : writing about such a feature is much like “snow white”.

On the other hand, any level domain (except first) is not necessarily a single folder (site). They can connect to different sites. independent fund organization . For example, # 2 domain is related to the ” subsite ” content associated with the ” site ” directory and domain content . These directories may not be tied to one another in the context of the content.

In addition, Apache allows you to associate subdomains with site libraries. I did not possess an entire scheme, but any sub-directories of root might be able to describe the rules that relate to the subdomains of a particular domain: 
web site – 
  sub.site – 
  my.blogs.site –

This is one of the possibilities to automatically provide subdomains of Apache websites. In fact, the locations of the libraries can be anything, and then maybe it will be hand-written.

Infobox.ru allows you to fully integrate this feature and link any subdomains to only one site. In fact, it will set up the site alias (ServerAlias). Other hostes, for example, Belihost.ru, ” infinite subdomains ” mean that there are several subdomains of one domain allocating to any directory (within permitted access limits).


Technically “sub..ru” is two domains, the first being the second most relevant subdomain. These names are everywhere, the two domains are like sites . And they can lead to different sites or subdivisions of the same sites; physically, the content may reside in the same disk space as the same server or host, leading to the domain’s ip-addresses request to one server.

However, complex hosts deny the concept: 
” domain-level domain ” For example, the “site” and associated content directory (site) returns the network server’s host computer address. 
” infinite subdomains ” – place three or more, for example “* .site”. Related directories Iyerakhia not all important root directories may also sub-site will be somewhere in the main directory of this site. 
” Site Number ” – how many second-level domains   I can connect with end-to-end directories (different directories). Network Servers can retrieve different IP addresses, ie different machines store sites in these names.site number is tied to third (and above) domains   I may like it (like infinite subdomains)

Hosts only restrict the domain to a second level. Although technically, any level domain (other than the first) can be assigned to any site . The third level is just below the bottom level, which is not that hard, they are not worth the money. And you do not know how difficult it is to find a second-level domain name. Better in the fields – there is no problem.

Post script
Organization of site directories

Specify what directory to consider under root in the site configuration. The companion gave me the opportunity. There I can organize directors of my favorite places. Finally I can do this easily:

– user area and root of the site. Domain will be associated with this directory. Can not find through the HTTP protocol through a browser.

  – admin scripts. Web server addresses are used to create this page. The delicate user is aware of this directory but does not come here.

By the way, there are already libraries that have already been created and they require existence:

Register here for Apache.

  – There are scripts to run here (php-scripts too), which should be executed directly with the interpreter.

Why are the scripts separate? I understand this way: all scripts use the page to only respond to a web server only in the browser. For example, to send Apache to the CSS file. But if it requires php-file, the php-processor will execute it. It is written in Apache settings (.htaccess): the file is pre-processed with the proper file.

But with all of its power, Apache is simply a web server. He only addresses responses (originally) to requests for port 80s. Also there are operating systems and useful software on browser servers. You can use this program if you know it. Back to the directory ” cgi-bintalk about rights to access, so scripts are written for Linux” directly participate in the software to create html pages, this is the most obvious examples of work in addition to answering on a drive. Cron (Linux scheduler) For example, you can run scripts on the first line, write scripts to Cron, and cgi-bin . This will execute some scripts for the execution of some official jobs.

Domain parking

Now what’s going on, why we need a domain park. I bought a domain name but I did not write anything for the site. This will appeal to ns-server in this name, which will reverse the ip-address. The address receives a request to the beneficiary, there is nothing there.) Then the hoster can return a page like “Site by name not found” or it is better to “get the domain name, build the site”. So just stop. As successful, I will link the domain to the base directory of the future site and include an index page with the corresponding message.

Many people away from information technology do not understand the distinction between domain and hosting. Is it okay? These two concepts are not the same. I want to explain this difference with this article.

Let’s start with the term “domain”. It is also called a “domain name”. The name used to identify the site in this name recognizes the transcribed package (letters and numbers). This is what you wrote in your browser’s address bar. Most websites have these names. Make it easier for users to remember site addresses. This is because they can not be controlled by these letters to find a site on the network on the network.

In fact, each site is an IP address. Each domain name has its own IP. For example, named MV Lomonosov, State University of Moscow) is IP address. You can write it at the address bar, if you wrote it, you can open the site you opened – http://www.msu.ru. However, it’s easier to memorize a few numbers, but it’s a bit more meaningful … So when you get your domain name it will be a real network address (IP).

Domains are often marked with Latin letters, but relatively recently they have been able to use Cyrillic cyrillic Russian cyrillic.

Domains come in multiple levels. The first tier domains have source domains such as RU, COM, UA, ORG. They are also called “zones.” Then the second-level domains will arrive. They are located in the root domain.

Now how to get the domain. This may be done for some payments or for free. Free methods are probably not bad, but more frequent advantages come to their end. The third-tier domain is usually distributed free of charge, for example, moisight.narod.ru. Such a “domain” is a “free” means a number of services. Often, such domains come with free hosting. They provide services to customers with paid services and various technologies. These free sectors connect to various social networks. The features of these solutions are limited in terms of rules and third-level search engines do not like too much. It’s free.

The money they buy is second-tier domains. Please do not buy a domain name, but please remember to rent a temporary name for a better name. At least one year. Different registrants have different rules. In addition, the rules may differ in different domain zones. Once the lease expires, it should be updated (read and re-paid). By the way, remember that the cost of registering a domain does not always overlap with the lease price. I will not describe the process of domain registration. To do this, there are some assistant parts on the registrar sites.

Let’s look at the concept of “hosting”. Hosting is your site files. This is the place where the computer’s drive is located, and all other resources required to display other Web sites to the net users. It can even be placed on your laptop! However, it is necessary to ensure that the following conditions are met: They include: static (permanent) IP address, fixed and reliable internet connection, 2 proper DNS recordings, and so on. Most importantly, to make your site more user-friendly and more costly to use this method. Therefore, most people use the services of hosting companies. These organizations are able to provide accommodation on site. In a relatively small range, they place the disk space for a specific server computer connected to the internet. In addition, it provides the following: software and hardware resources that your web user requests, service postal services and DNS services. Your website is unlikely to crash at all due to the availability of the company’s backup and backup resources.

Hosting the client’s (server) facility is called. At the same time, the client is connected to the high-performance communication channel and is most suitable for its operation (temperature, humidity, etc.). It may be a very productive solution to projects that require computational capacity.

Hosting is also paid. Free webmasters have very few instances and provide users with a copy of paid hosting service. Even for the “level of careers” even though they are placed on the registration level, they can provide even more reliable service and more services. Free hosting is possible to manage the work of non-commercial projects and some groups of people. For any more serious projects, you need to use only paid hosting.

The service package of Hosting may differ from the tariff. What you need to implement the project, you decide on yourself. Supporting PHP and MySQL databases for most tiny sites is limited to some disk space.

Provides services to hosted sites along with domain registration services. When a subscription is being subscribed for a certain period of time, the user has a domain registration or a free registration. This is a good suggestion, but it is strongly recommended to identify who has been credited to the domain. It should be registered to you, or else, later, you may need to purchase a domain name from the host. For the most part, such proposals can be very useful and can be used to reduce costs.

It is important to understand the distinction between domain and host content before hosting your site.

Domain and Hosting Definition

Imagine that we are in the realm of the virtual universe. Hosting is our home for our furniture. If we have most of these files, we need more houses. Our home address in the virtual world is a domain. Instead of using Street Names,

Use a number of words and / or numbers to name a country, city, zip code, and a site. Placing instead of wood and brick for storage and processing, as with computer hard drive and computer memory.


When you register your domain, you will be privileged to own your site name. There is no one else who can not access your domain.

However, if you have a domain, this does not mean that the site is available to the world. You need a domain name and customized server for your site to start.


Hosting is a service or service that is linked to the Internet, where the stored server (where the files are stored on your site). All you have to do is upload your website to the server, use the online email to set up your email, from the World corner of the site to your site.

Shared host, Dedicated host. Who’s Who?

Well, you know about hosting and domains. If you have already been in the domain and what if you were ready to build your website? Where to place? In essence you will choose between two options. In the class: we will find out which is better.

Famous Hosting

If you are looking for a site’s location, you will find the famous American hosting rating.

Host (English host – “host host”) – a service that provides services on “client server” technology for any interfaces on this server. For example, your website, the term “host”, is commonly used in connection with the deployment of web resources on the Internet, as it is a variety of information storage sites. In other words, the host is an internal computer connected to the Internet. To determine the host, the name of the network is used – if the host is a home computer, and a domain or ip-address – if we are talking about an host on the Internet.

Determines the simplicity of the majority of the websites hosts. Because resource users are compatible with one host (ie local computer connected to the Internet). The hosting concept is similar to the host concept. Hosting is a server that stores files that are always available to certain users. Your backup hosting server may be placed in another city or elsewhere. Hosting services are paid by companies. Even a home computer can even host a host service. For example, Apache installs a special program on your hard drive. For example, there are a number of folders located on a local server, so they only have certain users – in other words, users can only log in to their own folder. In addition,

Why do I need a domain name?

Domain (English domain – “frame”, “territory”) is a hierarchy of space names defined by the domain name. In other words, the domain is the site address and its name. The name or address of the field, and then the route to the tourists.

Every computer on the Internet has its own unique domain address (domain address), or another domain name (domain name), or just a hostname (hostname). An address or domain is sometimes used as a word, sometimes separated by dots. The number of points in a name depends on what domain we have before. The most common areas of the first (or higher), second and third tier.

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