What is Web Hosting?

If you decide to have a website, you will need to have Web hosting or hosting. This article simply describes what a web host is

Web server  – The  web site is located on any special computer, and the computer has a REAL IP address (Internet Protocol Address) which can be accessed by a domain name. It can be configured on any computer, but it requires a reliable web server to keep visitors safe and secure, keeping 24 hours 365 days in a safe place. 

DNS (Domain Name System) & NS (name server)  – Finds any computer or device on the Internet by the IP address. The same server. Instead of naming a domain name to a domain name, it is called a Domain Name System, which acts as the Name servers. YouTo link to your web site with domain name service , you need to configure and connect to this name server. 

Web hosting – Web hosting, Hosting server – Hosting server is a web server hosting web site. When you host a web hosting provider with a certain amount of space, set up a website and set up a domain name, the website can work and view it. 

Hosting servers are:

Free (free)  – There are many free hosting servers. Some even show advertisements on the pages of the people, while others have restrictions and it is decided to pay extra. The disadvantages are often unreliable. 
Shared  – Multiple client websites on a single web server. The disadvantage is that the security of sites and other sites may be inefficient due to the overload of websites that are located together. For example, a server with 2000mb of RAM, all the sites that are located here will share this size. Shared servers usually place a large number of websites together. Approximately 200-300 web sites are available on one computer.

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