What is a domain name?

Domain name  is an internet address that helps you locate websites located on the Internet. For example, go to gogo.mn to visit www.gogo.mn. When you write it in your web browser’s address, your web browser will open the gogo web site .

The domain name has a name + dot + extension. The name + point + extension is the base domain name, in which subtype domains are the subtype + point + name + dot + extension. For example, the gogo.mn domain name is included in the main site. news.gogo.mn sibl sub domain name (subdomain name) leads to the Gogo news site. 
The name is the sum of the website, the web site owner and the company’s chosen words and letters.

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Extensions can represent the content of the website and indicate which country it belongs to.

For example:

  • .com – commercial (hudaldaa, business),
  • .net – network (network, people’s contacts),
  • .biz is a business
  • .org – organization (non-profit or non-governmental organizations),
  • .gov – government (government, governmental organizations),
  • .edu -education (education, training institutions). more …

mn – mongolia (Mongolian), jp – japan (Japan), ru – russia (Russia) etc. It can also be the domain name of the third tier coexist.

Zhishee ny:   .com + .jp = .co.jp, .net + uk = .ne.uk, .gov + .mn – gov.mn, edu + mn = .edu.mn gm.

You can choose a name for the business organization, either by HUMM.MN or HANNER.COM. 

What is the best domain name for a domain like  .com, .net, .org, .biz? Many people ask. There are no advantages to short answer.

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